Container integrated sewage treatment equipment

Our containerized sewage treatment equipment is an integrated water treatment equipment for various water volumes.The size can be adjusted accordingly based on the amount of treated water and transporation.
Customized patterns or LOGO can be painted outside as required, so that our equipment is not only equipment, but also a unique landscape.


Technical Features:

  • Adjustedable size, which can meet the requirements of sea transportation and convenient for transportation.
  • Easy install, it can be used only by connecting the input and out put water.
  • The equipment can operate automatically according to the pre-programmed application, or can be manually controlled.
  • Widely used, the equipment can adapt to the situation of continuous fluctuation of water flow.

The containerized sewage treatment unit adopts single-group or multi-group design, and non-standard sizes can be customized according to site conditions, and can also be made into standard container sizes.

Applicable Scope:

Container integrated sewage treatment is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, paper, leather, printing and dyeing, food, hospitals, restaurants, residential quarters, stations, airports, harbor terminals, ships, factories, mines, tourist spots, scenic spots, various industrial organic wastewater similar to domestic sewage.

Technical Parameter:

ModelHandling capacity (m³/d)Size:L*W*H (m)Equipment weight (t)Operating weight (t)Total installed power (KW)Operating power (KW)Equipment footprint (m³)
WSZ-820015.0*3.0*2.7 (two groups)12.98159.2412.47.3187
WSZ-1025018.5*3.0*2.7 (two groups)14.3195.1215.89.2197
WSZ-12.530023.0*3.0*2.7 (two groups)17.27242.415.89.2225
WSZ-1536028.0*3.0*2.7 (Three groups)20.79294.8417.710.7286
WSZ-1740031.0*3.0*2.7 (Three groups)22.55325.9221.712.7302.5
WSZ-2050036.5*3.0*2.7 (Three groups)25.85383.0422.513.5312

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A: We have one year quality guarantee, our customers have used our machines for a long time.
A: Choose the products what you like, or send us your requirement, our engineer can make a project and quotation for you. (After confirming all details and signing the contract, you can do deposit or make the LC, then we produce it ,We deliver these machines by ship according to our agreement. We send the documents to you after shipment).
A: T/T and Irrevocable LC payment can be accept.
A: 2-3 months (depends on the style of the machine).
A: We are located in Jangsu China, which is nearby Shanghai, you can take the flight to Shanghai airport,We will arrange the driver to pick you up. You are welcome to visit our factory.
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