Glove production line, there are four main process: pre-vulcanization, latex/NBR dipping, finishing,inspection and packaging. Dipping process include,cleaning,dipping beading, drying, stripping and other production units are connected to a continuous running cycle equipment.The productiong line can produce the latex and nitrile gloves by different raw materaials.The capacity for the production line is form 5000pcs/hour-40000pcs/hour.

Process of PVC, Vinyl, Polyvinyl Chloride Glove Production Line

Mold Washing

Scrub the dirt on the surface of the hand mold, so that the hand mold can better absorb the coagulant.

Coagulant Dipping

Calcium ions are attached to the surface of the hand mold, which is the prerequisite for latex coagulation and solidification.

First NBR Dipping

The latex is cured on the hand mold, which is the prototype of the glove.

Second NBR Dipping

Make up for the first dip to reduce pinholes and blemishes in the glove.

Glove Curling

Make the wrist of the glove have a uniform curling edge, which is conducive to better demoulding of the glove. Easier to wear in use.

Glove Stripping

The mold release machine removes the gloves from the hand mold, and the finished gloves are removed.

Widespread Application

PVC Gloves
Beauty Salon
Food Processing
Industrial Production


Heating energyNatural gas、Coal、Diesel

Why Choosing Us

Adopt the most advanced gloves production technology and production process layout, product qualification rate is more than 97%, protein content is lower than 120 micrograms per gram.

Polymer Coating or chlorine treatment technology.

Imported surfactant solidifier, finished membrane is uniform, no powder mold release.

Used for cleaning mold splitter six roller long hair scrub mould technology.

A variety of specifications of production, on the same edge automatic adjustment, the PU edge roller, long service life.

The introduction of foreign advanced transmission main chain structure, chain little resistance during operation, Production of high speed, stable operation.

Three main motor drag, solve the drag, difficult to synchronize, fault point, difficult maintenance, and other issues.

Adopt vertical hot air circulation drying oven, compared with other forms of hot air circulation, save energy consumption by almost 20%.

Mold directional, machine printing technology.

Can design according to the needs of customers of different length, height, cost models.

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