Super sewage treatment export quality chemical dosing device


Device Description:

The fully automatic chemical dosing device is a utility model water treatment equipment specially designed to optimize the operation of the circulating water system. It realizes the metered addition of chemicals to the system through the mechanical pulse action of the metering pump and the principle of stroke adjustment.
It mainly includes solution tank, metering pump, filter, solenoid valve, check valve, water level gauge, pressure gauge, control cabinet, installation platform, etc., which are integrated and installed on a base. The user only needs to place the combined dosing device in the dosing room, connect the dosing pipe and connect the power supply to start operation. During the operation, the PH of the fluid is automatically detected and the corresponding liquid is added.

Equipment advantages:

1. Various proportions of water treatment chemicals can be added arbitrarily, and the measurement data is accurate.
2. Highly automation, simple operation and low energy consumption.
3. Installation, use and maintenance are simple and convenient.
4. Strong corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, safe and reliable.
5. The system can be remotely controlled and integrated into the computer management system as required.

Technical Parameters:

One tank with One pump
ModelDosing amount (L/H)Volume of chemical tank (m³)Dosing caliberPower (w)Dimension (L*W*H mm)
BLX-Ⅰ-JY-1.00-161.0 DN151501160*1160*1800
BLX-Ⅰ-JY-2.00-242.0 DN151501530*1530*2100
Two tank with Two pump
ModelDosing amount (L/H)Volume of chemical tank (m³)Dosing caliberPower (w)Dimension (L*W*H mm)
BLX-Ⅱ-JY-1.00-161.0 DN151501160*1160*1800
BLX-Ⅱ-JY-2.00-242.0 DN151501530*1530*2100


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