Automatic Disposable Pvc Vinyl Chloride Glove Production Line


PVC、Vinyl、Polyvinyl chloride glove production line

Product Description:

PVC gloves production line equipment mainly consists of four parts: batching equipment, including mixer, filter barrel, vacuum defoaming machine, glue conveying pump; impregnation equipment, including rack, conveyor chain, dipping tank, recycling tank machine, dropping tank; plastic Furnace; cooling, curling, dusting, demoulding, powder removal equipment, including cooling group, lip group, dusting group, stripping module, powder removing group. The PVC glove production line adopts continuous production mode and direct immersion mode. The film formation is uniform and the color is gorgeous. Various models and specifications can be produced online at the same time. The length of the production line is 90 meters, 120 meters and 150 meters, etc. The automation degree is high, the output is large, and the configuration is automatic. Demoulding, the length of the production line can also be designed according to the customer’s production site.

Glove production line, there are four main process: pre-vulcanization, latex/NBR dipping, finishing,inspection and packaging. Dipping process include,cleaning,dipping beading, drying, stripping and other production units are connected to a continuous running cycle equipment.

Technical Parameter:

ModelLength (M)Width (M) Height (M)Capacity (pcs/hr)Mould (pcs)
Heating energyNatural gas, Coal, Diesel

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