1. Nitrile rubber has excellent oil resistance, its oil resistance is second only to polysulfide rubber and fluorine rubber, and it has excellent wear resistance and air tightness.

2. The disadvantage of NBR is that it is not resistant to ozone and aromatic, halogenated hydrocarbons, ketones and ester solvents, so it is not suitable for insulating materials.

3. The heat resistance is better than styrene-butadiene rubber and neoprene rubber, and it can work at 120°C for a long time. Air tightness is second only to butyl rubber.

4. The performance of nitrile rubber is affected by the content of acrylonitrile. As the content of acrylonitrile increases, the tensile strength, heat resistance, oil resistance, air tightness and hardness increase, but the elasticity and cold resistance decrease.

5. Nitrile rubber has poor ozone resistance and electrical insulation properties. Good water resistance.

Matters needing attention in daily use of nitrile gloves

1. The nitrile gloves of nitrile glove manufacturers can effectively prevent organic solvents, and its main advantages are high strength and high elasticity. It is mainly provided for workstations where hands are in constant contact with liquid chemicals, such as chemical warehouses, alcohol cleaning, etc. Because the main function of nitrile rubber is to prevent organic solvents, but it is not resistant to puncture, so you need to be extra careful when using it, do not pull it vigorously and wear it hard, so it is required to wear nitrile gloves on the outside when operating Veiled gloves to reduce the wear of the gloves and prolong their service life.

2. When wearing nitrile gloves for some cleaning operations, because some products have some sharp edges, and these sharp edges are the easiest to penetrate nitrile gloves, and once penetrated, even a small hole is enough Let the cleaning agent soak into the inside of the glove, rendering the entire glove useless. Therefore, in addition to requiring careful operation during use, it is also necessary to wear finger cots outside the gloves.

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