Common problems and solutions of nitrile dipped gloves

1. Pinhole

Reason: There are hidden air bubbles in the rubber material, and the impregnation conditions are not appropriate. The aggregation state is not appropriate, and the dispersion state of the dispersion liquid is not good.

Measures: The rubber should be parked for more than 16 hours, the temperature of the hand mold should not be too high, the temperature of the rubber should be below 24°C, the hand mold should be cleaned, and the coagulant should be filtered to ensure sufficient dispersion grinding time.

2. Flow marks and knife marks

Reason: During the process of staining, the glue is not continuously fed in and out or slightly shaken, and the control of the gelation speed is not appropriate. Immersion temperature control is not proper.

Measures: reduce jitter. Control the amount of stabilizer and control the immersion temperature.

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